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Yeast Hydrolysate /Autolyzed Yeast

Yeast Hydrolysate /Autolyzed Yeast

Product Description

Autolyzed Yeast/Yeast Hydrolysate

Autolyzed Yeast is select saccharomyces cerevisiae as the strain, obtained by liquid fermentation of bacteria, and then by autorolysis or exogenous enzyme catalytic hydrolysis, concentration or drying products, greatly improve the nutritional value of yeast. Autolyzed yeast are rich in mannan oligosaccharides, nucleic acids, nucleotides, small peptides, digestive enzymes, free amino acids and B vitamins,its more easily digested and absorbed by young animals.

Autolyzed yeast ---The best functional hydrolyzed protein source for animals


Crude protein   Crude Ash      Moisture      Mannosan      Amino Acid Nitrogen
















2.Product Features:

1).With fresh molasses as raw material,using pure yeast culture

2).Strong food attraction Easily digested and absorbed by young animal

3).Rich in a large number of nucleotides,small peptides,digestive enzymes,amino acids and vitamins

autolyzed yeast

The functional of Autolyzed yeast:

For pig:

Hydrolized yeast can stimulate sows tast intake Maintain intestinal health,improve the reproductive performance,improve sow milk yield,reduce postpartum infection

Reduce the mortality rate  Partially or completely replace plasma protein powder without affecting weight gain

For Poultry:

Autolyzed yeast can supply exogenous nucleic acids to meet the animal's needs for nucleic acids when the endogenous synthesis of nucleotides is insufficient under the conditions of immune stress,liver injury and rapid growth

Promote small intestinal development improve morphology of small intestine,enhance the function of intestinal digestion and absorption,reduce the fatality rate, improve the feed conversion rate.

For Aquatice product:

Autolyzed yeast can improve the aquatic animal food intake Rich in flavor nucleotide disodium(L+G) and flavor animo acids,can significantly improve the feed palatability

autolyzed yeast

As a new single feed material,hydrolized yeast is hydrolyzed protein has a strong function of inducing food, and can be easily digested and absorbed by young animals. It can maintain intestinal morphology, regulate intestinal microflora and reduce diarrhea, and can significantly improve immunity. It is a kind of additive substance that can replace plasma protein powder. In the face of the high price of fish meal and plasma protein powder and the increasingly prominent biosafety problems, yeast hydrolysates have a very broad market prospect.

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