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LED Panel Light (600*600)

Simple and elegant intelligent control of color temperature and brightness adjustable

Product Description

LED Panel Light

Simple design, PS cover transmitting, soft light no glare


LED Panel Light (600*600)


Soft LED panel light is bright and no dazzling

High quality PS materials light guide plate, professional optical materials, luminous uniform, no dark area, high transmittance.


LED Panel Light (600*600)


The lens with a luminance angle of 120° and the protective cover of a single model provide bright soft light illumination


LED Panel Light (600*600)

LED Panel Light (600*600)



High quality PS materials, LED chip, and lens, CRI>80

Highly restore the true color


LED Panel Light (600*600)

LED Panel Light (600*600)


Product Details

Strong light transmittance, high softness

Not dazzling


LED Panel Light (600*600)


Fast heat dissipation, moisture proof and rust proof, durable


LED Panel Light (600*600)


Product Information

LED Panel Light (600*600)

Product name

panel light

















LED Panel Light (600*600)



LED Panel Light (600*600)



LED Panel Light (600*600)



I. LED Chips

1. Preferred suppliers: China first-line brand, original supply of listed companies--advantages on quality assurance, supply chain,cost price and delivery.

2. Preferred materials:Copper bracket+gold wire;big size chips, silicone package.--Competitors use Iron bracket+alloy wire

3. Preferred parameters:

Lighting Efficiency >110 LM/W (h igh brightness)

CRI>80,R9>0 (Turely reflect the original color of objects)

SDCM<5 ( Consistent and pure light color)

4. Reasonable design: Standard chips current 150MA; actual usage of 130MA--Effectively reduce the temperature of the chips, extend life span.

Pass the LM80 testing, 36000H life span.

5. Standardized production process: constant temperature storage + standard SMT workshop + strict anti-static controling


LED Panel Light (600*600)


1. Preferred suppliers: PCB materials first-line brand suppliers

2. Preferred materials:thickness 1.6MM, Flammability rating 94-V0 series of plate--Competitors use 0.8-1.2MM materials.

3. Preferred parameters:

Sulfur-free, low-halogen plate(Avoid chemical damage, reduce the rate of dead lamp,extend life span; Sulfur and halogen will rust PCB board)

The thickness of copper foil is 35μm. (Copper foil is good for heating; Competitors use 22μm only )

Surface-Reflective Inks are our custom formula; 80% transparent, good light efficiency.

4. Reasonable design:

Safe insulation distance between copper foil, PCB and base (□21/5000□2800V high-volt test□past the 2800V high voltage testing)

Large area of copper foil (Quikly release the heating of led chips)

5. Excellent production technology: Surface ink-Exposure technology; Whole board PCB; High-precision stamping molding.


LED Panel Light (600*600)


III. Base

1. Preferred suppliers: High-quality cold-rolled steel,thickness 1.0 MM (To ensure the strength)

2. Excellent production technology:

Compound mold production (Opening-shaping-punching) one step finishing, to ensure the consistency of products.

All bases are electrostatic polyester powder automatic spraying,smooth surface

The thickness of coating is 0.1-0.2MM, resist rusty (Competitors use 0.035MM only)


LED Panel Light (600*600)


IV. Diffuser

1. Preferred suppliers: All new A level PMMA materials, adding anti-UV materials

A level materials are not easy to aging; anti-UV are not easy to become yellow and fragile(Competitor use recycle materials that easy to become yellow)

The thickness is reasonable between 2.0-2.5MM, strong and not easy to broken.

2. Reasonable design:

Transparent 80%, good for lighting output and no dazzlingA number of appearance patents; simple and pure models;

3. Excellent production technology:

Mold-blowing+cutting, one step finishing, consistent quality.

Anti-static, reduce dust adsorption, easy for cleaning.


LED Panel Light (600*600)


V. Driver

1. Preferred materials: High-quality PWM intelligent control chip, high-precision constant current IC.

105℃,8000-10000H Electrolytic capacitor (life guarantee)

Transformer: High-quality pure copper enameled wire QA-2 series (Endure temperature 150℃ ) Reduce heating and transformer failure.

Magnetic material: PC44 material (effectively reduce the elements self-heating)

2. Design:

Meets multinational certification requirements: CE(LVD+EMC),KC\KS …

Passed the 2000Vac lightning surge testing, enhance the lamps ability to withstand switch or power grid impact, keep the life span;

Passed the 2880V high voltage testing, safe assured.

Passed the harsh test: 120% standard voltage + Temperature 80 ℃, 100% normal work> 1000H.> 20000 switching shock.

LED Panel Light (600*600)

VI. Whole lights:

1. Installation and structure: Mounting bracket + quick connector

2. Reasonable whole board PCB, pure light color, no shadow.

3. All electrical connections are quick connect plug, more reliable, easy maintenance


LED Panel Light (600*600)


Company Information

ZEDONG milestone

2014 zedong doundation

2016 build LED study Center in Korean Studies

2017 start cooperation with Panasonic

2018.03 supplier chain cooperation with Mi

2018.11 build metal stamping workshop

2019.05 Apple authorizes production qualification

2019.07 AI research institute foundation

2020 Set up the test center with Panasonic

LED Panel Light (600*600)


LED Panel Light (600*600)


Factory Show

LED Panel Light (600*600)


Established in 2014, Zhongshan Zedong Lighting Co., Ltd has been a professional manufacturer in design, R&D and production of led lighting for indoor illumination. Our factory locates in Zhongshan City – Guangdong Prov., very convenient of oversea transportation. Covering an area of 18,000 sqm, complete facilities with metal stamping plant, acrylic injection workshop, dust-free SMT workshop, dust-free LED driver workshop, packing workshop, testing laboratory, and lamp assembling workshop etc.

Now we have more than 200 employees, and 30 of them constitute our R&D department. We have received ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, TUV-CE, CE, RoHS, KTL/KTR - KC and Apple MFI Authorization certification as quality guarantee. Besides, every year, we pass factory audit by client like Panasonic, Osram, Samsung, Foxconn, Changhong, Xiaomi etc. With satisfaction of reliable research development ability, Panasonic has set up their lighting laboratory in our factory in the year 2020.

Whilst business has evolved over the years, customer satisfaction has remained our priority and is at the heart of everything we do. We understand the importance of providing our customers with the best possible support and service, not only during your initial purchase but also throughout the life time of your products.

LED Panel Light (600*600)


Assemble Workshop, Hardware Workshop, Packing Workshop, Electronic Workshop, SMT Worksho, Aging Test Workshop


LED Panel Light (600*600)

LED Panel Light (600*600)

LED Panel Light (600*600)LED Panel Light (600*600)

LED Panel Light (600*600)

LED Panel Light (600*600)



Q: Are you factory or trading company?

A: Zedong is a factory who have 180,000sqm working space, with SMT workshop, driver workshop, high-end laboratory equitment, stamp workshop, canopy stamp workshop, etc. You are always welcome to visit our factory anytime.


Q: Where is your factory?

A: Henglan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China


Q: What kind of certificate you have?

A: We have approved ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, TUV-CE, CE, RoHS, KTL/KTR/KC for Korea market. For new products, we can apply and receive CE or most kind of certificates in 50 days.


Q: How long will it take if asking for the samples?

A: Normally is 3-5 days for common items.


Q: What is your payment terms?

A: T/T at first, then with cooperation growing on, can consider D/P or L/C.


Q: What is your lead time for the mass prodcuts such as 5000 unit per item?

A: General speaking, it's about 30 days. For OEM client, the lead time of 1st mass order will take within 40 days, then 30 days when repeat orders.


Q: What are your main products?

A: Currently, we have smart ceiling light which can adjust the brightness and color temperture, single color ceiling light, 3 color changeable ceiling light, sensoring ceiling light, high PF high lumens high wattage panel light, T5 Batten, classroom healthy light


Q: How about warranty you could offer?

A: With good quality and QC control, our goods have 3 years warranty to help our partners to achieve more marketshare locally.


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Email: export@zdlighting.com

Mob.: +86 135 3183 2072

WeChat: +86 135 3183 2072

Whatsapp: +86 135 3183 2072

Add.: No.11, Lefeng 4th Rd., Henglan Town, Zhongshan City, G.D., China

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