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DVI 24+5 Male To VGA Female Adapter Nickel-plated

DVI 24+5 Male To VGA Female Adapter Nickel-plated Converter 1080P for Computer, PC Host, Laptop, Graphics Card to HDTV, LG HP Dell Monitor, Display Screen and Projector

Product Description

DVI 24+5 Male To VGA Female Adapter Nickel-plated



1. 【How it works】: DVI-I 24+5 Male to VGA Female ennables you to connect a DVI-I 24+5 port eqipped desktop, laptop, video card to a VGA equipped HDTV, monitor, projector or projector, and support resolution up to 1080P.

2. 【1080P (Full HD) Video Adapter】: This DVI VGA adapter supports resolution up to 1080P @60Hz. So you can enjoy HD video or image on the computer monitor, HDTV or big-screen projector.

3. S【table Signal Transmission】: Slim DVI VGA connectors with screws not only support secure connection, but also easy plugging & unplugging, Gold-plated connectors to optimize its performance and protect your devices from EMI and lossless signal between devices.

4. 【Wide Compatibility】: This adapter compatible with all DVI-I 24+5 equipped laptops, desktops, video cards; and compatible with all VGA equipped Flat Panel Displays, Digital CRT Displays, monitors, TVs, projectors and displays.

5. 【Compact, Portable and Easy to Use】: Quick and easy installation. No settings and no software required.  


Gender Male To Female
Connector A DVI 24+5 Male
Connector B           VGA Female
Shell PVC
Name DVI 24+5 Male To VGA Female Adapter Nickel-plated                                                                                        



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