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beautiful Rainbow eyelashes AC-02

This rainbow eyelash are made from 100% mink fur.Collected from mink natural fall hair, Cruelty free. Because of the high difficulty in dyeing animal hair, we have broken through the technical difficulty and achieved basically no batch difference in color.

Product Description

1. Material: Made of 100% siberian mink fur, full strip mink lashes, vivid and soft. 
2. Use times: Can be reused 20-25 times with good care. Always handle the lash from the band avoiding grabbing the lash fibers. 
3. Suitable place: The eyelashes show a bushy effect. In daily life, your eyes are beautiful and energetic with this eyelashes. When you join a party, it can bring eye-catching effects with eye makeup.

Rainbow Mink Lash  AC-01

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