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DUOQI DZQ-500TE Nitrogen Flushing Packaging Machine

Packaging is the last and main step for any product. Our belt sealer provides a perfect air seal for your plastic bags, it flushes nitrogen from the product packaging, which helps increase the life of the product and protects it from other damages. This provides branded packaging for your products. Belt sealers are used in wafer plants, Namkeen plants, as well as food corners and grocery stores.

Product Description

Nitrogen Flushing Packaging Machine



Sealing size
2-4 times per min
Pump power
Sealing power
Wooden case


Xingye  DZQ series is featured by processing of vacuuming, sealing, cooling, which is used in vacuum packaging for the food, pharmaceutical,aquatic, chemical and electronic industries.
It can prevent the products from oxidization and mildew, as well as corrosion and moisture, keeping the quality and freshness of the product over a prolonged storage time.


featured by processing of vacuuming, sealing, cooling, which is used in vacuum packaging for the food, pharmaceutical,aquatic, chemical and electronic industries.
It can prevent the products from oxidization and mildew, as well as corrosion and moisture, keeping the quality and freshness of the product over a prolonged storage time.
Ideal for food/grain/spice packaging.
Intelligent computer control system with updated liquids crystal display
Overall machine size: 600*340*430mm
Construction: Iron paint(can customize to stainless steel material)
Vacuum pump: default 72L/min
Seal : 0-500mm 
Gas flushing: optional
Can be foldable 
On the product and the vacuum pump
Power consumption: less than 1 kW.
Gas flushing speed:0.8Mpa


What is nitrogen flush packaging?

In the food and beverage industry, packagers often use nitrogen to reduce the oxygen content of the package. This reduces the rate of product spoilage and keeps food fresh. Nitrogen Flushing Packaging Machine is a practice used to preserve and protect food from damage during storage and transportation. Chips and snack bags are a good example of this process.

In nitrogen flush packaging, the oxygen in the package is replaced by nitrogen. Unlike oxygen, it does not react with the food or affect its texture or flavor. As a result, your product will stay fresher for longer. In addition, nitrogen flushing is a method of gas-regulated packaging.

Where is Nitrogen Flushing Packaging Machine used?

Nitrogen packing machine is widely used for packaging fresh meat, fruits and vegetables. However, its use in the beer and coffee industries is also on the rise. In addition, coffee products brewed with nitrogen have recently become very popular.

Nitrogen Flushing Packaging Machine used

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Nitrogen Flushing Packaging Machine

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