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Vacuum pump

Product Description


This is a commonly used laboratory vacuum pump, which provides vacuum conditions for chemical laboratories and can provide circulating cooling water to the reaction device.


Technical parameter


SHB-III Circulating water multipurpose vacuum pump

Vacuum degree

-0.098mpa (Circulating water temperature 0-25℃)

Pump displacement


Single mouth suction rate


Motor Power


Operating Voltage

110V~220V + 10% 50HZ

Water tank volume





< 45DB



Vacuum pump


Use method

1.To prepare for work, place the vacuum pump on the workbench. When using it for the first time, open the top cover of the water tank and pour clean cold water, or you can add water through a water hose. When the water surface is about to rise to the height of the overflow nozzle behind the water tank, stop adding water, and restart the machine to stop adding water.

2. When vacuuming, tightly connect the suction sleeve of the equipment that needs to be vacuumed to the suction nozzle of the machine, check the circulating water, and the switch should be closed. Connect the power switch to start the vacuum operation, and the vacuum degree can be observed through the vacuum gauge corresponding to the suction nozzle.

3.When the vacuum pump needs to work continuously for a long time, the water temperature in the water tank will heat up, which will affect the vacuum degree. At this time, the drain hose can be connected to the water source, and the overflow nozzle can be used as a drain outlet, and the flow of tap water can be appropriately controlled to keep the water temperature in the water tank from rising and make the vacuum degree stable.

4.When it is necessary to provide cooling circulating water for the reaction device, on the basis of the third operation above, connect the water inlet and outlet pipes of the device that needs to be cooled to the outlet and inlet of the circulating water that are supplemented by the machine. Turn on the circulating water switch to realize circulating cooling water supply.

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