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Double Dome Ceiling Mounted Surgical light LED light

CHGLED700/500 is a modern advanced operating light. Double Dome Ceiling Mounted Surgical light, single head operating light. By using ultra thin shell industrial ABS cover, and use the most advanced LED Osram beads, the LED OT light have been designed to provide a high quality, shadowless beam with extremely low running costs. It is ideal to use as an surgery lamp.

Product Description

Double Dome Ceiling Mounted Surgical light LED lightDouble Dome Ceiling Mounted Surgical light LED lightDouble Dome Ceiling Mounted Surgical light LED lightDouble Dome Ceiling Mounted Surgical light LED light

Technical parameters:
The number of LED bulbs is 70+42
Illumination (Lux) 60,000-160000
Color temperature (K) 3500-5000k adjustable
Spot diameter (mm) 150-350
Dimmer system non-pole dimmer system
Color rendering index ≥85
Head temperature rise (℃) ≤1
Temperature rise (℃) in field area ≤2
Chromogenic index (CRI) ≥96
Color reduction index ≥97
Lighting depth (mm) ≥1200
The supply voltage is 220V/50Hz(Optional 110V/60Hz)
Input power (W) 180
Minimum/best installation height 2.8m / 3.2m


1. Long service life:
Adopt the new LED cold light source, the life can reach more than 60,000
hours, no need to replace the bulb.It is better than traditional halogen lamp and
can meet the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection.

2. Perfect cold light effect:
With the new LED cold light source, there is no ultraviolet and infrared light in
the spectrum, neither heat nor radiation, and the temperature rise of the
doctor's head and wound area is less than 1℃, almost no temperature rise.

3. Ideal appearance design in line with purification requirements:
The fully enclosed streamlined lamp head design conforms to the design
principle of aerodynamics, completely eliminates the flow dead Angle in the
purified air, meets the high standard laminar flow requirements of modern
operating rooms, and is conducive to the aseptic requirements of operating

4. Humanized interface design:
The lighting brightness can be changed according to the requirements of the
hospital for different surgical lighting.Optional with a new LED touch LCD
control panel, lighting switch and illumination, color temperature, brightness
mode adjustment.

5. Super deep lighting, perfect shadow free effect:
The overall design of LED lamp cap enables the beam to gather into a uniform
column of high brightness, thus ensuring the soft and even deep aggregation
effect, and ensuring the high brightness and high depth lighting requirements
of the operation.

6. Adjustable color temperature function:
The color temperature of led-500 operating shadowless lamp can be adjusted
from 3500K to 5000K, which makes the diagnosis more accurate and won't
cause eyestrain of medical staff due to long working hours.

7. Good suspension system:
Lightweight and high quality balance arm suspension system (optional
imported arm), six groups of universal joint linkage, 360-degree
omni-directional design, can meet the needs of various heights, angles and
positions in the operation, easy to move, accurate positioning.

8. Bright and even lighting:
The light beam emitted by the LED light source is focused in the surgical area
through a specially designed high performance lens and converged into the
required light field for surgical lighting.Maximum illumination up to
160.000LUX.The luminance of LED is continuously controlled by digital
method, and the illumination of each lamp can be adjusted separately.

9. Extremely low failure rate:
Each LED module contains 6-10 LED beads, and each module contains an
independent electronic control system. The lamp holder has a very low failure
rate, and the failure of a single LED will not affect the function of the lamp

10. Low yield heat:
An even greater advantage of leds is that they generate less heat because
they emit little infrared or ultraviolet light.


Company Introduction:

      Shandong Chenhong Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. is committed to the production and sales of operating room equipment and ICU professional integrated equioment. At present, the company mainly produces surgical shadowless lamp,electric operating table,medical hanging tower, suspension bridge,medical sickbed, trolly, medical counter and other medical equipment. We will provide best service for the people to enjoy a healthy life brought by science and technology medicine. 
      ChenHong Medical Group is a professional medical equipment manufacturer with certificates, such as CE,ISO9001,ISO13485,SGS, factory base located in Qufu city of Shandong province, China. We are professional manufacturer for operating lamp, operating table, obstetric table ,medical pendant and medical trolley series with more than 20 years experience, we have two brand of CHENHONG and LEKANG and we have R&D center in Shandong to launch new products to meet the needs for hospital every year. Our products have been exported to the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the South America market etc. It is our aim to build long-term cooperation with our clients and to serve human's health care!   


Double Dome Ceiling Mounted Surgical light LED lightDouble Dome Ceiling Mounted Surgical light LED lightDouble Dome Ceiling Mounted Surgical light LED light

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