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Ergonomic Mid-Back Leather Meeting Office Chair

Product Description

Product Description


- MICRO-LEATHER FABRIC: This middle back office chair is made of high-grade micro-leather fabric that is very soft and smooth. The chair with leather surface not only has elegant look, but also can increase air permeability.

- UNIQUE DESIGN: On the top of the backrest, we add a piece of orange cowhide to decorate it. This punchline endows this chair newness and elegant.

- ERGONOMIC ADJUSTABLE BACKREST: Curved backrest perfectly lines up with human body line and supports your spine’s natural curve. The lumbar support system resembles a pair of hands, pushing up and holding your low back.

- STABLE BRACKET: The thickness of this bracket is 1.5 mm, can support the weight of the chair and the person effectively. People of different body types can sit on it steadily. The bracket is made of high quality black spraying steel pipe, who is hard to be rust.

- HIGH ELASTIC SPONGE: The chair is filling with high elastic sponge, which can hardly change its shape, is very soft and comfortable to sit.


Color: Black & Orange / Beige & Orange

Material: Metal, Sponge, Cowhide, Micro-Leather

Item Dimensions:530*610*820mm

Packing Details: 2pcs 1 carton packing, standard export carton packing

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