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Beautiful Cosmetic Bag

The flamingo pattern makeup bag is suitable for gifts, wedding, promotion

Product Description

Beautiful Cosmetic Bag

The feathers of the whole body are mainly vermilion, especially the feathers at the base of the wings, shiny and shiny, and from a distance, it looks like a blazing fire, hence the name flamingo.

The flamingo represents freedom, elegance and beauty, youthful vitality, not knowing what is empty, recklessly splashing youth, it symbolizes fidelity and unswerving love.

This pink Beautiful Cosmetic Bag is loved by young girls

Beautiful Cosmetic Bag

Pink nylon zipper, smooth pulling teeth, first-class workmanship

 Cosmetic Bag

Clear pattern, simple and practical lining pocket

Cosmetic bag details

What can we do?

According to your needs, we can do personalization of product patterns, logos, colors, hardware, etc. We can also customize the outer packaging for your products to reduce the trouble of selling.

Custom colors

Customized logos

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