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Drop Leg First Aid Pouch

The Convertible Drop Leg Kit provides the medic/operator with maximum flexibility without compromising the ability to provide on target care. This pouch can be worn on the leg or attached to a style vest depending on the users’ preference

Product Description

Drop Leg First Aid Pouch

A leg bag is a package that is suspended from the outside of the thigh below the waist using a bundle, similar to a fanny pack. Mostly used for military, police, off-road hobby, mountaineering enthusiasts, etc., used to carry a variety of combat tools and weapons and ammunition, medical supplies, survival tools, easy access, and action. On the basis of being lightweight and portable, it has a good loading capacity and practicality and is a good carry-on bag, but also very fashionable.

Drop Leg First Aid Pouch

Drop Leg

 First Aid Pouch

Drop Leg Medical Pouch

Question: Does it come with supplies? Sounds like a dumb question but, just curious.

Answer: Sorry, only the tactical bag is sold in this product listing. Thank you.

Question: Does this bag come with straps to secure it to your belt & thigh as a drop leg pouch?

Answer: This tactical bag comes with a top buckle strap to help attach it to your belt and a leg strap to help attach it to your leg. Just as the third picture shows.

Question: Can I customize materials, colors, and logos?

Answer: Yes, we support customization, wholesale and OEM, with a minimum order quantity of 500

Drop Leg First Aid Pouch

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