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Ethanol Extraction Centrifuge

The ethanol extraction centrifuge is designed and developed based on low-temperature ethanol and hemp extraction technology.

Product Description

Ethanol extraction centrifuge also known as hemp extraction centrifuge.

The extraction centrifuge is a centrifugal extractor. The system is fast and versatile, allowing different specifications for temperature, rotation speed and retention time to achieve the best combination of control and ease of use.

Extraction centrifuge ensures the safe removal of ethanol extracts from cannabis, hemp and cbd, and the removal of residual ethanol in the second step before processing. So it is also called ethanol extraction centrifuge, ethanol extraction machine, cannabis extraction centrifuge, extraction equipment for cannabis, cannabis extraction equipment, hemp extraction centrifuge, etc., and is designed for medium to large-scale capacity.


Advantages of ethanol extraction centrifuge

1. The hemp extraction centrifuge is specially designed for plant extraction and has the functions of airtight, explosion-proof, clean and movable.

2. The hemp extraction centrifuge adopts a flat-bottomed drum structure with larger volume, higher cleanliness, and non-polluting structure design. It is favored by consumers for its easy operation, clean appearance, and stable and excellent performance.

3. HEMP extraction centrifuge/ethanol extraction centrifuge, with ultrasonic function, the extraction rate is increased by more than 20%.


The working principle of the ethanol extraction centrifuge

First, the operator fills the filter bag with crushed plant material and puts it in the machine. Then, add alcohol until the plant material is submerged, and set the program to rotate in both directions to fully extract the effective ingredients in the plant. Open the bottom valve to release the extract, and the plant material is rotated at a high speed to remove the liquid as much as possible. Then the alcohol lotion is further processed.


Ethanol extraction centrifuges structure configuration:

The parts in contact with the material (including the main shaft and the bottom of the drum) are made of SUS304 or SUS316L, with a sanitary surface treatment and no dead ends.

The liquid inlet and the liquid outlet adopt sanitary quick-connect interfaces with visual barrels and valves. All seals are made of PTFE or fluorine rubber sealed, the main shaft is double-layer water seal/oil seal.

Three-phase 220V explosion-proof motor (220V single-phase/three-phase power is optional), PLC and touch screen control, frequency conversion control cabinet.

Equipped with a liquid inlet pipe, a vent valve, a vacuum interface with valve, a liquid outlet, and coolant inlet and outlet mouth. The cylinder has a cooling spacer. The base is equipped with four lifting rings for easy loading and unloading.

It is equipped with 10m cable and control line, which can be connected to electricity.

All electrical components include motors optional UL certification.


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Specifications of ethanol extraction centrifuge

Model No

Feeding rate

Rotating speed r/min

Power KW

























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