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Supercritical CO2 fluid extractor

The supercritical extraction apparatus is a separation and purification technology that uses supercritical fluid as the extraction solvent, and uses the characteristics of the supercritical fluid's dissolving ability depending on the extraction pressure and temperature.

Product Description

The supercritical CO2 fluid extractor includes two processes of extraction and separation, which can prevent the oxidation and dissipation of heat-sensitive substances, and has the advantages of simple process, clean and environmentally friendly, and fast extraction speed. It is widely used in medicine, food, perfume and chemical industry, etc. field.


1. The supercritical CO2 fluid extractor can perform extraction at close to room temperature (35-40°C) and under the envelope of CO2 gas, effectively preventing the oxidation and dissipation of heat-sensitive substances. Therefore, the effective components of the extract are kept in the extract, and the substances with high boiling point, low volatility, and easy pyrolysis can be extracted at a temperature far below its boiling point;

2. The use of supercritical CO2 fluid extractor is a clean extraction method. Since the whole process does not use organic solvents, there are no residual solvents in the extract, thereby preventing the existence of harmful substances to the human body and pollution to the environment during the extraction process, and ensuring 100% pure naturalness;

3. Extraction and separation are combined into one. When the saturated dissolved CO2 fluid enters the separator, the CO2 and the extract quickly become two-phase (gas-liquid separation) and separate immediately due to the pressure drop or temperature change, not only extraction The efficiency is high and the energy consumption is low, which improves the production efficiency and reduces the cost;

4. CO2 is an inactive gas, no chemical reaction occurs during the extraction process, and it is a non-flammable gas, tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, and very safe;

5. CO2 gas is cheap, high in purity, easy to prepare, and can be reused in production, thereby effectively reducing costs;

6. Pressure and temperature can be used to adjust the parameters of the extraction process. By changing the temperature and pressure to achieve the purpose of extraction, the pressure can also be fixed by changing the temperature to separate the substances; conversely, the temperature is fixed, and the extract is separated by reducing the pressure. Therefore, the process is simple and easy to master, and the extraction speed is fast.


Model No

Feeding rate(lb)

The main technical parameters



1. Extraction pressure: 50MPa

2. Extraction volume: 1L-300L

3. Volume of separation kettle: 1-2

4. Extraction temperature: adjustable from room temperature to 150 degrees

5. Flow rate: 0~1600L/H adjustable pump with cooling

6. Double plunger pump: 0-1600L/h



















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