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8 Channel Wireless Microphone

8 channel wireless microphone. Transmitter and receiver working distance can up to 100 meter, with the long working distance can be use for stage performance, family ktv,etc. Easy to operate, plug and play. With a good sound quality!

Product Description

8 Channel Wireless Microphone


UHF Wireless Microphone Features:
1. With one-key automatic search for idle frequency points, one-key lock screen function
2. Using 30-level electronic volume control, simple collocation
3. The sound quality is clear and beautiful, the ideal use distance is 100 meters
4. 200-level optional frequency point, universal hand microphone, strong anti-interference ability
5. Transmit LED to display channel and battery level
6. Suitable for families, small stages, small conference halls, KTV rooms, etc.
System indicators:
Frequency range: 560MHZ-950MHZ(Customizable)
Frequency stability: ±10ppm
Dynamic range: 100dB(A)
Comprehensive signal-to-noise ratio: ≥103dB
Comprehensive frequency response range: 40HZ-18KHZ (3dB)
Comprehensive distortion: ≤0.3%
Number of channels: 8*100
Channel spacing: 250KHZ
Operating distance: about 80 meters (open working environment)
Receiving sensitivity: -103dBm --- -90dBm
Receiving antenna interface: BNC (50Ω)
Receive audio output: balanced output and mixed output
Receiver power supply: 8V1500mA
Transmission modulation mode: FM modulation (maximum ±75KHZ)
Transmitting power: ≤20mW
Emission harmonic suppression: 60dB
Transmitting antenna: built-in or external 1/4 wavelength antenna
Transmitter power supply: 2 1.5V (AA) batteries (continuity time 4-10 hours


8 Channel Wireless Microphone8 Channel Wireless Microphone









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