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GX7700 Microphone Wireless

Wireless system masters the high pressure and extreme conditions of any large-scale touring or installation while delivering uncompromising audio. Features include automatic frequency selection, transmitter sync, and Audio Reference Companding.

Product Description

GX7700 Microphone Wireless


UHF Wireless Microphone Features:
1. With one-key automatic search for idle frequency points, one-key lock screen function
2. Using 30-level electronic volume control, simple collocation
3. The sound quality is clear and beautiful, the ideal use distance is 100 meters
4. 200-level optional frequency point, universal hand microphone, strong anti-interference ability
5. Transmit LED to display channel and battery level
6. Suitable for families, small stages, small conference halls, KTV rooms, etc.
System indicators:
Frequency range: 500MHZ-950MHZ(Customizable)
Frequency stability: ±10ppm
Dynamic range: 100dB(A)
Comprehensive signal-to-noise ratio: ≥103dB
Comprehensive frequency response range: 40HZ-18KHZ (3dB)
Comprehensive distortion: ≤0.3%
Number of channels: 2*100
Channel spacing: 250KHZ
Operating distance: about 80 meters (open working environment)
Receiving sensitivity: -103dBm --- -90dBm
Receiving antenna interface: BNC (50Ω)
Receive audio output: balanced output and mixed output
Receiver power supply: 8V1500mA
Transmission modulation mode: FM modulation (maximum ±75KHZ)
Transmitting power: ≤20mW
Emission harmonic suppression: 60dB
Transmitting antenna: built-in or external 1/4 wavelength antenna
Transmitter power supply: 2 1.5V (AA) batteries (continuity time 4-10 hours


GX7700 Microphone WirelessGX7700 Microphone WirelessGX7700 Microphone Wireless









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