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350pcs/h Small Capacity Paper Tray Making Machine For Fruit Trays / Sh...

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China [CN]
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in container
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25 working days
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350 pcs/h small capacity egg tray machine Small capacity egg tray egg tray machine suites small factory It takes 3-4workers to operate this machine Raw material : waste paper auto or semi auto with or without dry system The machine production line includes 3 parts: 1. pulping system: including the hydraulic pulper, pump, disk mill, water tank, pulp tank, mixer, etc..to make the wastepaper into pulp. 2. forming system: including the molding machine, molds, vacuum pumps, air compressor and electrical controller to make the pulp into wet trays. 3. drying system: including the oven, chains, trays, heating pipes, fans, boiler, etc..to dry the wet trays so they can be used directly.(customerized/Selectable) Our machine uses waste paper as raw material for producing the egg trays. Except egg trays, this machine can also produce fruit trays, apple trays, paper cup trays, paper shoe trays and industrial packages trays,etc. With lower cost investment, you can achieve big profit by our machine.

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