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Liquid aluminium sulfate

Formula: Al2 (SO4)3

Product Description

Liquid aluminum sulfate is an excellent primary coagulant.

Liquid Aluminium Sulfate Application

Liquid aluminum sulfate can also be used in paper mills, dye manufacturing and synthetic catalyst production.

In drinking water industry, it removes turbidity and suspended matter through charge neutralization and flocculation of raw water.

In pulping and paper making, aluminum sulfate is mainly used for retention, drainage, PH control and sizing efficiency improvement.

Liquid aluminum sulfate also can be used as the raw material of synthetic catalyst for oil refining industry.

Liquid aluminum sulfate


Inspection result

Aluminium oxide(AL2O3)%



Ferric oxide(Fe2O3)

≤0.0025 Qualified

(Water insoluble)%

≤ 0.03

PH (1% water solution) %

≥ 3.0



Product name: liquid aluminum sulfate/non-iron aluminium sulfate

Formula: Al2 (SO4)3

Appearance: liquid

Packing: IBC, liquid bags, flexitank,liquid tanks, glass bottles, etc


Liquid aluminium sulfate

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