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Low iron aluminum sulfate

Appearance: Flake, granular, powder

Product Description

In wastewater treatment, low iron aluminum sulfate can be used to polymerize phosphorus and suspended solids, and then the resulting flocculent precipitate is filtered by a sedimentation tank or gravity filter. In drinking water treatment, aluminum sulfate acts as a coagulant through charge neutralization and flocculation in raw water to remove turbidity and suspended solids.




Inspection result
Alumina (Al2O3) % ≥15.60


Iron (Fe) % ≤0.3


(water insoluble matter) % ≤ 0.2


PH (1% aqueous solution) % ≥ 3.0


Particle size (mm) ≤ 15



Product Name:Low iron aluminum sulfate

Appearance: Flake, granular, powder

packaging laminated woven bags or lined plastic bags 50kg/pp; 25kg/pp; 350kg/pp; 1000KG/PP or customized according to customer requirements

Low Iron Aluminum Sulfate Uses:

Chemical: for leather tanning, fur trimming and catalyst manufacturing;
Pulp and Paper: Papermaking;
Textiles: as a mordant in dyeing;
Water Treatment: Water and Wastewater Treatment in Coagulation, Flocculation and Phosphorus Removal


Low iron aluminum sulfate

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