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Compound fertilizer NPK 12-12-17+2MgO+TE blue color fertilizer

Compound fertilizer NPK 12-12-17

Product Description

Blue NPK Compound Fertilizer

Compound Fertilizer NPK 12-12-17+2MgO is a combination of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) designed to maximize crop yield and quality. Formulated to meet precise crop requirements, NPK 12-12-17+2MgO is one of the most highly efficient sources of N, P and K available.


Each granular contains precisely tailored/balanced amounts of NPK.  So when applied at the right rate and in the right conditions, NPK 12-12-17+2MgO ensures the accurate and balanced uptake of these major nutrients into the crop.

The blue compound fertilizer NPK 12-12-17 offers even distribution of nutrients whether spread by hand or machine on the field. There is no risk of nutrient segregation during shipping, handling or spreading.


Features of NPK Blue Compound Fertilizer:

• Contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, which are essential for plant growth and development.

• The ratio of NPK fertilizer can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of different plants.

• Can be used for a wide variety of plants, including vegetables, flowers, and fruits.


Uses of NPK Blue Compound Fertilizer:

• Provides plants with the necessary nutrients to grow and thrive.

• NPK compound fertilizer Helps to improve the overall health and appearance of plants.

• NPK blue granular compound fertilizer can be used in both indoor and outdoor gardening settings.

• NPK blue granulated fertiliser can be used to correct nutrient deficiencies in soil, boost yields and improve the quality of crops.

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