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Industrial Steel Structure Warehouse Workshop

What is steel structure warehouse? Steel structure warehouse mainly refers to the main load-bearing components are composed of steel. Including steel columns, steel beams, steel structure foundation, steel structure roof truss, maintenance plates, steel structure walls can also be maintained with brick walls.

Product Description

Tutai wholesale hot selling custom steel structure industrial workshop warehouse

Steel structure market prospect is very good, steel structure is the first choice for logistics warehouse construction. Because it is economical and practical, very cost-effective, and lightweight, easy to use, with the rapid development of e-commerce, more and more companies are considering building steel logistics warehouse to circulate goods, so investment in steel warehouse is an essential choice. Welcome to choose !

Steel Structure Warehouse

Project Case

1. Ethiopia factory workshop, structure quantity was about 10,000 tons.

2. Panama Cultural Center project, diamond shape, space truss structure.

3. Multi storey office building, box clumn structure.

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Industrial Steel Structure Warehouse Project Case

Prefab Warehouse Features & Advantages

● High material strength and light weight

Compared with concrete and wood, the ratio of density and yield strength is relatively low, so under the same stress conditions, the steel structure member section is small, light weight, easy to transport and installation, suitable for large span, high height, bearing heavy structure.

● Steel toughness, good plasticity, uniform material, high structural reliability

Suitable for bearing impact and dynamic load, with good seismic performance. Steel internal structure uniform, nearly isotropic uniform body.

● High degree of mechanization in manufacturing and installation of steel structure

Steel structural components are easy to be manufactured in factories and assembled on site. Factory mechanized manufacturing of steel structure components finished products with high precision, high production efficiency, site assembly speed, short construction period.

● Large indoor space

The maximum span (width) can be up to 36 meters without the support of a central column, meeting a variety of service requirements.

● Long service life

The service life of the structure can be up to more than 50 years, of course, also depends on the use and maintenance of the customer, the local environment and climate.

● Low cost and cost saving

All the material size can be adjusted, easy to load and unload transportation; All components are prefabricated in the factory, and only need to be installed according to the relevant drawings, and connected with bolts, rivets and other bolts. The construction speed is fast, and labor costs and construction time are saved.

● Convenient installation and construction

Almost all materials are bolted or riveted and can be completed according to the installation drawings without excessive technical requirements. The construction process is not affected by the season, and the construction time is guaranteed.

● Low carbon, energy saving, green environmental protection, reusable

Demolition of steel structures generates little construction waste, and steel can be recycled.

● Compared to traditional concrete buildings, the cost of steel warehouse construction is usually lower.




Prefab steel structure warehouse/ workshop

Main frame

Galvanized or painted welded H section steel column and beam

Secondary frame

Galvanized C/Z purlin, tie bar, brace, support


Anchor bolt, High strength bolt, Ordinary bolt

Roof and wall

a) Color-coated corrugated steel sheet;

b) Sandwich panel (EPS/ rock wool/ glass wool)

c) Wire mesh + insulation glass wool roll + corrugated steel sheet

d) Skylight panel is used for day lighting

e) Other materials as customers’ requirement

Surface of structure

Hot dip galvanized or anti-corrosion painted

Drainage System

Galvanized gutter and PVC downspout


PVC or Aluminum Alloy


Sliding Door or rolling door


Welding connection or bolt connection


Flashing, ridge tile, screw, waterproof cap, sealant, etc


5MT, 10MT, 15MT and more


Standard seaworthy packaging or customized

Custom Steel Structure Warehouse

Steel Structure Warehouse Design

We can provide steel warehouse and plant design with specific frame and material, etc. Refer to the specification parameter sheet and for a quote!

Through professional steel structure design software, not only can realize customers' requested building, but also can supply the most suitable solution for customers' project.

Structure drawing also will be provided together with detailed installation instruction, customers or their construction team can successfully finish the building according to it. Certainly, the drawing can be adjusted and improved during negotiation to meet customers' requirement and make the building perfect.


Production of Industrial Workshop Warehouse

Control the accuracy and quality, then prepare perfect components for the next step and ensure the final structure quality.

Production of industrial workshop warehouse

Factory Warehouse Materials

Factory Warehouse Materials

Warehouse Steel Structure Application

Warehouse Steel Structure Application

Steel structure can be applied to factories, warehouses, office buildings, , hangars and so on. It is suitable for single-storey large-span buildings, and can also be used to build or high-rise buildings.

lines are simple and smooth, with a modern sense. The color wall body board has a variety of colors to choose from, the wall can also use other materials, so it has more flexibility.


Package and Load of Steel Structure

Option 1: Packed On Steel Pallet

We will produce a steel pallet, all the structure material will be packed on the pallet. Pallet weight is about 1.5 tons. The whole package can be push into or pull out the shipping container directly.

Advantages: protect steel materials well, load and unload fast and convenient

Disadvantages: Higher price, pallet cost about $1000

Option 2: Open Top Container Pack In Bulk

Use Open top container to load the material in bulk, this will be convenient for the factory to loading, there also will be waterproof cloth cover the container top.

Advantages: Steel materials will be more stable, loading in factory can avoid missing parts, load more materials

Disadvantages: Higher freight charge

Option 3: Load in Break Bulk Ship

Generally for large size components or complicated structure type, especially bridge projects, break bulk ship will be more suitable.

Advantages: No need to worry about the limited size of shipping containers, all the materials can be delivered once time.

Disadvantages: Difficult to estimate the shipping cost in advance, there also will be some hidden risk.


Why Choose Us?

We specialize in providing steel structure solutions, including steel buildings, and , in which we have rich experience and stable steel sources. Secondly, we can provide customized services, such as shape, size and material selection to meet customers' individual needs. Thirdly, we provide considerate pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services.

Pre-Sales Service

1. Accept and answer consult

2. Incipient design plan

3. Assisting client to choose suitable solution

4. Price calculation

5. Visit acceptance

6. Market trend analysis

Sale Service

1. Construction drawing confirmation

2. Manufacturing and delivering

3. Construction Manual

4. Other requirements by Clients

5. Factory inspection/goods inspection

6. Graphic, video marketing materials

After-Sale Service

1. Installation guidance

2. Installation process discussion

3. Supply engineer to guide installation on site

4. Send the construction team to finish the project on-site

5. Share structure maintenance methods.

for industrial steel workshop warehouse now!

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