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Super Absorbent Checkered Jacquard Dish Towel

Microfiber jacquard dish towel is knitted by a special technology. There are a variety of patterns for your choice. Jacquard pattern is produced during knitting process, it is not restricted by material, so polyester and nylon yarn can be used to produce more absorbent and personalized jacquard towel. Jacquard towel is an intermediate product between ordinary towel and printed towels

Product Description

Super Absorbent Jacquard Dish Towel

Product description:

—  This premium jacquard dish towel is a must have for all kitchens. These multipurpose towels can double as a handy potholder or can be inserted into a basket as bread warmer. 

—  These towels will give you a streak-free clean. The average cloth pushes dust and dirt around but the microfiber technology of these towels will give you a smear-free result.

—  They serve as a handy cloth to wipe up spills and can be used to wipe utensils and dishes. The high quality construction of these tea towels makes them durable, long lasting, and able to quickly absorb liquids. 

—  Microfiber becomes electrostatically charged which helps in further removing hair and other residue. 

—  When you pull down those fine glasses and china, these towels will wipe them clean without leaving any lint or scratch. 

—  These towels are green, eco-friendly and chemical free. The web like construction of these towels is what makes them grab dust, grime and liquid within its weave, making them one of the safest cleaning tools for your family.

—  These towels dry quickly because of their special loop weave. They are ready to be used again in a fraction of a time as compared to ordinary cleaning cloth or towels.

—  Pack includes towels in grey and white color measuring 40 * 70 cm each.

Super Absorbent Jacquard Dish TowelSuper Absorbent Jacquard Dish Towel

Super Absorbent Jacquard Dish TowelSuper Absorbent Jacquard Dish Towel

Product Features:

- Value pack: microfiber dish towels in classic stripe design, measuring 40 * 70 cm each.

- Highly absorbent: super absorbent towels soak away liquid (even oil) with fantastic wicking action.

- Quick drying: these microfiber towels dry in one-third the time of ordinary kitchen towels making them ideal for drying dishes.

- Handy use: they hold up liquid up till seven times its weight. With a few quick wrings, it is ready to be used again in seconds.

- Eco-friendly: washes up to 500 times withholding shape and performance.


Why choose us 

Manufacturer:  We are manufacturer of microfiber for many years, compared with trading company we are more professional, the most important thing is that you can get low price and good quality from us! 

OEM Service:  We have our own designer, so we can meet your requirements. 

Related products: Besides microfiber dish towel, we also can supply microfiber face and bath towel, cleaning cloth, coral fleece towel, car wash towel, beach towel, sports towel, etc. Please let me know what you need. 

After-sales:  We have special and responsible after-sales staff, if you have any questions, we can solve it in time. 

Quality control:  Our company has own quality inspectors who will arrange sample inspections in the production process, and full inspection when packaging, and pick out all unqualified products. In addition, if you need a professional third party inspection or factory inspection, it is available. 

Certification:  Our microfiber bathrobe does not contain any harmful substances, and we have certification and report about product quality and our factory! 

If any requirements, please feel free to send me inquiry or email. Thanks!

Super Absorbent Checkered Jacquard Dish Towel

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