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Carrot seeds for sale - Dual-purpose variety DaYu Super three red carrot

It is the carrots variety both for fresh food and processing use.Growth period is 95 to 100 days, medium and early maturity, this variety is the autumn variety.

Product Description



 Easy To Grow & Maintain Root Vegetable




 Cold Tolerant Greenhouse Outdoor


 Direct Sow


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Product Description

Product Name          DaYu Super Three Red Carrot

Seed Type                Seed

Plant length              22-26cm

Additional Characteristics                Heat resistance

Row Spacing               30cm

Plant Spacing              7-10cm

Fruit Color                  Orange Red

 Breed                        Heirloom,Open-pollinated

Sun                            Partial,Full

Planting                      Autumn 

Categories                  Carrot

Days To Maturity (# Days)                       95-100

Temperature              18-22℃


Main characters

The dual-purpose variety for fresh food and processing selected by the company has a growth period of 95 to 100 days, medium and early maturity. It is an autumn sowing variety. 10-12 leaves, dark green. The fleshy root is 22-26cm long and the upper transverse diameter is 4.5cm, which is approximately conical, with smooth surface and low incidence of abnormal root. The root color is orange red, the pulp is small, and the color is similar to that of the external meat. The three red rate is high, and the meat is tender and of good quality. The variety has strong growth and strong heat resistance, and has the potential of increasing production by 12000 kg per mu.


Main cultivation measures

Cultivation in autumn, with plant spacing of 7-10cm, row spacing of about 30cm, and about 22000 seedlings per mu. Soil cultivation is carried out for 2-3 times, and the water is properly controlled to prevent flood irrigation and ponding in the border. Strengthen field management. About 350 grams per mu.



It is cultivated in autumn all over China. The suitable temperature for germination is 20-25 ℃, and the suitable temperature for growth is 18-22 ℃. Too high or too low temperature is not conducive to growth.


Suitable planting area and season:

It is cultivated from late July to early August in autumn. Under normal and suitable climate and cultivation conditions, it can be planted in the South and North.


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