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Whole House Customization Living Room Case-3

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Product Description

Whole House Customization Living Room Case-3

Whole House CustomizationSolid Wood FurnitureHousehold FurnitureWooden FurnitureHouse CustomizationDecorate The HouseOEM DecorationSolid Wood Furniture WholesaleWooden Furniture FactoryWooden Furniture Supplier

We can provide furniture and whole house customization according to customers' requirements.

Option Details:

Product features:Solid wood frame, board wood combination, anad board are made of E1 MDF with oak bark or cherry veneer.

Manufacturing Technique: Brush finish; Pure manual polishing; Manual dry brush, American coating process. 


Lead Time:70-90days

After-sales service: Guarantee period is one year.

We have more than 20 years professional design and production experience in supply of wooden furniture.

We have completed items for each collection including bedroom, living room, dining room and study room.

We can supply customizing wooden furniture according to customers' indicated specifications.

Welcome to visit our factory.

Solid Wood Furniture Throughout The House Custom

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